Photo Dresses

Photo Dresses

If you love to sew or customize your own clothing, you have probably dreamt about making your own prints and specialty designs. However, this can be difficult to do with hand painting and is costly you hire a fabric printer. Luckily, it is now possible to print images onto fabric. If you want to learn all about dresses made with photographic fabric, this guide has the information you need.

To print photos onto fabric, there are several things that you will need. To start with, you will need an inkjet printer and inkjet fabric sheets. Alternatively, you can make your own photographic fabric by purchasing a special fabric treatment kit. It may take some time to treat the fabric, but you will save money and you will also expand your range of fabric choices.

If you decide to create your own fabric, you will need to purchase a high quality fabric with a high thread count. Typically, a muslin or a tightly woven cotton is recommended and a 200 thread count should be best. The thread count and the weave is important because the fabric must be receptive to the ink.

When printing, a printer that uses archival ink will be best. This type of ink tends to last longer and is quite resistant to fading and washing out in a washing machine. Other types of inks may not take to the fabric or will wash out very quickly.

To print onto the fabric, start by preparing your image and making sure that it is the correct resolution. Run a test print on a small swatch to ensure that it prints out okay. When you print onto the main fabric, iron it well and try to stabilize it by attaching a thin piece of paper underneath it. Once you are done printing, let the fabric dry and then start sewing.

Dresses made with photographic fabric offer you the greatest control over your final look. You can turn any pattern or photo into a great dress, shirt, skirt, or any other type of clothing you wish.